How to request a medical leave or a sick day

Requesting a leave to go to the doctor or asking for a sick day are common practices in all companies. With TramitApp, you can perform this process from your mobile phone. We show you how.

Medical leaves or sick days off can be paid or recoverable work time. Each company decides how to manage it according to its agreement or company policy.

Employees need to know what type of leave they need to request before processing it through TramitApp. In this post, we tell you the differences between them:

  • Recoverable leave: the employee must recover the time they were away. In this case, the worker can report the time they will be absent through Requests > Absence> Leaves >Recoverable leave. TramitApp's intelligent timetable will calculate the less time worked on absence days and the extra time worked on other days. This way, the monthly or annual hours balance will be correct once the working hours are recovered.
  • Paid leave: If the company considers these absences to be paid, the employee can report them in Requests > Absence> Leaves > Other Leaves, and they can also attach the medical certificate to the process. 
  • Own affairs hours: Some companies have established a number of hours to use for these leaves. In this case, the company will have configured the corresponding own affairs hours balance and the employee can check them in their profile. The worker can request the leave in Requests > Absence> Leaves > Own affairs.