Mass approval of clocking-ins in the website

From the Request List on the TramitApp website, administrators and team leaders can approve and reject pending clockings in bulk. We will show you how to do this.

In TramitApp, both administrators and team leaders can approve or reject pending clockings in bulk. To do this, we must access the Request section of the top bar > Request List and on the left sidebar click on Clockings. In this section, pending clockings will be shown by default and we will find three different tabs, depending on which tab we are on, we will see different clockings.

  • In the My tab, we will find our pending clockings as platform employees.
  • In Teams, we will find pending clockings for the team we are responsible for, if that is the case.
  • In All, -if we are admin users - we will find all the clockings of the entire staff.


To select the clockings, we can select them one by one or click at the top of the clockings list and it will select all. It will show the number of selected request and on the right, a notice that indicates that the actions taken will be done on all resquest. In this section, we can click approve to complete the process and accept these pending clockings or reject them.

Finally, we can review the clockings we have approved in bulk by filtering by approved or rejected states.