Why can't I clock in?

Why this may happen and what to check if you're unable to clock in using the TramitApp website or mobile app.

If you're unable to record your work hours when trying to clock in throught the web or mobile device, we recommend that you take a look and check the following aspects.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the app. To do this, check for TramitApp updates on your device's Play Store or App Store. In the case of the Kiosk, it's the HR department's responsibility to update it. It's also advisable to ensure that your mobile or tablet's operating system is up-to-date. If the device's operating system hasn't been updated for a long time, it might prevent you from updating the app. The same can happen with an older device that has an outdated operating system, which can prevent you from having or updating the TramitApp.

  • Ensure your GPS is activated. If your company has configured it to be necessary to have GPS active at the time of clocking in, it won't allow you to clock in if it's not activated.

  • Your device has GPS coverage issues. If you see an error related to GPS, it may indicate that you need to enable high-precision mode to improve coverage. Also, the employee must be in a location where they can be geolocated. Therefore, it could cause problems if they are in a basement, in a remote area without population, in a building with no coverage, etc.

* To improve geolocation, the employee should configure high-precision mode on their device. They can access it on their mobile under "Settings" > "Location" or "Location Access" or "Location Mode (Use GPS and Wi-Fi)". It may also be that the device is not locating you due to power-saving mode being enabled. Try disabling it and then attempt to clock in.

  • You're trying to clock in from an unregistered IP. If you're an employee, you should discuss this with your company's HR department.

  • Check your internet connection. It's possible that you're not connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data, or you have poor coverage where you are.

  • Check if you have any uncompleted past clock-ins. If there's a pending clock-in from a previous time that hasn't been closed, the platform won't allow you to create a new one. To check, go to Employee Profile > Clock-ins or in the Request List.

  • You may receive a message preventing you from clocking in because you have a time block. In this case, it won't let you clock in because you're doing it outside of your established work hours.

  • It won't allow you to clock in if you have a device block message. For example, this can happen if you're trying to clock in through the web, and your company has set it up so that clock-ins are only allowed through the app and kiosk.

  • You can't clock in if you're on medical leave, vacation, or any other approved type of absence at the time you're trying to clock in.

If after checking these aspects you still can't find a reason why you can't clock in, please request that the TramitApp tool's responsible person in your company contacts the Customer Success team by accessing TramitApp's support and help.